Entrust the sale of your valuable property to luxury real estate experts.

Sell at the best achievable price, and at the right time, thanks to Maison Magnifique.

“We carefully choose the luxury properties to be treated, and we do our best to enhance them.”

Are you looking for an even bigger and more prestigious apartment in another neighborhood, or do you want to move into a luxury villa outside the city? Your prestige apartment needs a renovation, which you don’t want to do?

Have you inherited a prestigious property and don’t want to rent it? Do you want to sell your villa by the sea to make new investments?
Do you have to move to another city, or abroad and want to sell your valuable property?

The reasons to sell a luxury property can be many. Whatever is yours, Maison Magnifique is at your side with its competence, maximum professionalism, the confidentiality of its team of specialists and its highly selected contacts.

The Maison Magnifique method to sell your valuable property.

“We carefully evaluate your valuable property and we only offer the prices we believe in.”

Our goal is to sell your home at the best possible price and in the time required: to achieve this, we have developed and perfected over the years a scientific method of shared evaluation of valuable properties.

The Maison Magnifique method starts from your needs, objective and subjective, and relates them to the intrinsic characteristics of the building and the extrinsic features of the market.

In this way we can define a correct estimation of your valuable property, in which we, together with you, are the first to believe.

What are the steps of the Maison Magnifique method to maximize sales?

``Thanks to our evaluation method, very often, we close negotiations with a sale price very close to the initial request. Sometimes even higher.``

Our professionals make accurate evaluations, in order to identify and resolve any problems before they are put on sale.
What drives you to sell? What are your priorities? What are your expectations? We listen to your objective and subjective motivations, and on these we set the sale.
We carefully study the characteristics of the building, highlighting its positive and negative aspects, to relate them to the local real estate market, which we know in detail.
Only at this point, we establish the right value of your valuable property, the one that according to our experience will allow you to achieve the maximum in a reasonable time.
We share with you the most suitable marketing plan to offer your valuable property on the market, in order to highlight its strengths.
We offer our specialists, with professional photos, home staging solutions, possible restructuring proposals, to enhance your property as it deserves.
Put on sale
At this point, the announcement of your valuable property is ready. Our job is to select potential buyers, in order to bring only qualified people to visit it.
Once we find the buyer, we assist you during the delicate phase of the negotiation, offering our expert and informed point of view.
We remain at your side until the deed, preparing all the necessary documentation and accompanying you in the long process, which leads to the sale of your valuable property.

Read the opinions of those who have already sold with us.

``The best advertising is always by word of mouth.``

There are many private individuals and property developers who have relied on Maison Magnifique to sell villas, penthouses and luxury apartments. If you want to read their testimonials, visit the Maison Magnifique opinions page.

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``Our focus is the customer, not the commission: that is a simple consequence of qualified work.``

Entrust us your valuable property, you will be so satisfied by the sale that you will turn to us also for your next purchases, leases and sales.

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