Rent a prestigious home or rent yours with luxury real estate specialists.

From the attic in the center, to the villa on the sea, thanks to Maison Magnifique, renting and renting out a prestigious properties is simple and safe.

“The rental sector of valuable property is a rich niche of opportunities, we know it in depth.”

Do you want to spend the summer in a prestigious villa, in a well-known seaside resort? Or the winter in a luxurious penthouse equipped with every comfort, in a well-known mountain resort?

Or do you want to live in a prestigious house in the city, without the “thoughts” of being its owners? Do you come from another city or from abroad, and are you looking for a luxury home but don’t want to buy it?

There are many reasons to rent a luxury property. Whatever your motivation, Maison Magnifique offers a highly selected portfolio and supports you with competence and professionalism, thanks to its team of specialists in luxury real estate.

The best selection of valuable properties for rent is signed Maison Magnifique.

“We have only valuable properties in our portfolio, which we select for our customers with the utmost attention.”

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the sector and to our highly selected contacts, in Maison Magnifique we have in our portfolio only the best properties available for rent: penthouses, villas, prestigious apartments, which we carefully select for you.

Set up a meeting in our shop, and explain us your needs: we will offer you the most suitable properties for you, to satisfy your expectations.

If you have a valuable property to rent out, you can count on Maison Magnifique.

``We take the utmost care in the selection of the tenants. With us, your luxury homes are in excellent hands.``

Do you own a valuable property?
Do you own a luxury apartment, a penthouse, a luxury villa and would you like to rent it to selected people? Have you bought prestigious properties and want to turn them into a safe income? Do you want to rent your luxury villa by the sea when you go on vacation elsewhere? Do you move for a while and want to rent your luxury home?
We use our experience
With Maison Magnifique you are in good hands: our long experience in the sector, combined with a deep knowledge of the local rental market, allow us to identify the right rental fee for your luxury property, adapted to its characteristics and always considering the your needs and expectations.
We know the customers
Furthermore, we carefully select aspiring tenants, offering you only highly referenced, reliable, and respectful people of your valuable property. It’s only in this way, that we can guarantee you the utmost serenity, and at the same time ensuring total confidentiality.

Read the opinions of those who have already entrusted us.

``In our sector, the best advertising is always by word of mouth.``

Many have turned to Maison Magnifique to rent or rent out a luxury property. Read their reviews on the “They say about us” page.

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Entrust us your luxury property

Entrust us your valuable property, you will be so satisfied by the sale that you will turn to us also for your next purchases, leases and sales. Real estate specialists are waiting for you.

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